how it all started…

Andrew Neesley and Chris Vos, both midwest born and raised have combined their heartland roots and artistic sensibilities to form a compelling musical voice.

Andrew Neesley made the trumpet his own from an early age. Perfecting his skill and talent with broad strokes, he focused on the jazz idiom with great success. Open to inspiration from all genres, Andrew found his newest work demanded a certain sound, a certain soul.

Enter Chris Vos, guitarist and vocalist extraordinaire. And someone Andrew has jammed with frequently over the years. Chris grew from boy to man with guitar in hand. His passion for music evolved into a flair for song and song writing.

“Chris is the only guy I felt could join me on this musical journey,” Andrew explains. For the past year, whenever they were in the same city at the same time, they met to lay down tracks, experiment with layers of sound and voice–building at last to a recording that satisfied them both. As Andrew shared copies around the business, reaction persuaded him this could be something big. People were ecstatic about Nees and Vos. They wanted more.

This strong partnership stretches across musical genres and evokes the vast american landscape. Above all, it speaks to Nees and Vos’ continuing search for the soul of music.