Back in the studio mixing Remember Me

We’re back in the studio today mixing “Remember Me”.  Chris first brought this tune to my attention on late night in Milwaukee.  I had been home for the holidays and made my way out to the Jazz Estate for the music and the hang.  They have a great Tuesday night lineup of old friends playing mostly improvised music.

Towards the end of the night, Chris began singing this song.  I was blown away.  I knew we had to share it through the musical eyes of the band.  Featuring a string quintet, guitars and organ (as well as Chris and background vocals), it’s a little different take on the Willie Nelson standard.

A shout out to Meagan Gilliland who hopped in the vocal booth on the fly to record the background vocals with Chris.  That’s one thing I love about having talented friends hang out while we record.  You never know when inspiration will strike for a new sound.

Lastly, I can’t express enough what a pleasure it’s been to work with our our engineer and de facto co-producer Tomek Miernowski.  It’s very refreshing to work with a guy who has great ears on top of being a great dude.  He’s grown to be a large part of the music you’re hearing.  If you’re ever in need of a great studio, give him a shout at Grand Street Recording.